Yehey Opening Monologue and Theme by mark cruz

Here's a preview of what's headed towards your faces! It's a real feast for the eyeballs and earholes with music by, LA based composer, Jessica Rae Huber; and illustrations by, native Chicagoan, Greg Wilson. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for our first official episode releasing very very soon!

Meeting the Manananggal by Mark Anthony Cruz

Marco Meets the Manananggal
This is concept art for a future episode of Yehey. Just trying to get a feel for the color palette and lighting here. This scene is Markus' first encounter with a manananggal (vampire-creature from Filipino mythology). You know what, this kid gets scared a lot…I guess it stems from my love of scary movies and vintage horror.

The Beginning - Markus and Chechi Ink Doodles by Mark Anthony Cruz

So the wife and I have been talking about Markus and Chechi, Yehey's two main protagonists.  They're obviously exaggerated cute forms of us, but they will evolve over time.  For the past few months we’ve been jotting down ideas about their personalities, and they're shaping up to be great characters.  We’ve also got a pretty good start and end to our first story arc, but it’s the middle that’s always fun to figure out. Prepare for adventure!