Our Pilot Episode is Live! - Prologue I by mark cruz

Guys, it's FINALLY HERE! Watch it now in HD on our YouTube channel!

Just wanted to quickly thank all our family friends and fans for the support! You guys are the driving force behind the late nights and early morning production sessions.  

A special thank you goes to the skeleton crew that worked so hard to put this all together! Greg, your illustrations in the opening are the best hook anyone could ask for! Jessica, your music IS THE VOICE of Yehey. Lastly thank you to Noelle, for being an amazing co-creator, writer, and wife. You are the biggest inspiration for the world of Yehey..

Yehey Opening Monologue and Theme by mark cruz

Here's a preview of what's headed towards your faces! It's a real feast for the eyeballs and earholes with music by, LA based composer, Jessica Rae Huber; and illustrations by, native Chicagoan, Greg Wilson. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for our first official episode releasing very very soon!

The Lost Land of Yehey Minisode - You Don't Gnome Me by Mark Anthony Cruz

It's finally here! The first animated short from The Lost Land of Yehey team, featuring music from the brilliant Jessica Rae Huber. To get the latest updates on the series premiere, don't forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.