The Lost Land of Yehey Series One Posters / by mark cruz

We are happy to share our first set of posters for season one titled, The Lost Land of Yehey: Curse of the Hunger Grass. Production on the first episode is already underway, and in anticipation for the season we created two posters in contrasting styles. Why? Well throughout the series there is a consistent juxtaposition of wonder & light against fear & darkness.  These posters mirror that dichotomy, and that's something you can expect to see as the world of Yehey continues to unfold. 

The first poster above focuses mainly on Markus and Chechi's hometown, Holmesville. This is the only place that they've ever known, and living in such a small town has made them yearn for adventure. Despite Holmesville being an almost idyllic place, it's not enough to keep them from dreaming of adventure in faraway lands.

The second poster focuses completely on the story and the antagonist, the Hunger Grass. All great adventures have their challenges and struggles, and the Hunger Grass will definitely test our heroes right out of the gate.