How Do You Say "The Lost Land of Yehey"? by mark cruz

As Yehey has developed over the past couple years, we've noticed a consistent trend of confusion on how to say "The Lost Land of Yehey" - more specifically "Yehey." So we decided to conduct a little video experiment to clear up that confusion, and the following video is the result.

Exterior and Gym | Hobak's Volleyball Factory by mark cruz

One place you wouldn't expect to find in a small town is a volleyball factory. Unbeknownst to many, the strongest volleyballs in the world are made here, at Hobak's Volleyball Factory. They're so strong that they have a lifetime guarantee. If they break, you get your money back!

For years the Hobak family has passed down their secret patent for indestructible balls. The secret behind the durability of these volleyballs is their patented strength test. Hobak brand volleyballs are tested by the strongest professional volleyball testers in the world!  The balls are fired out of high velocity air cannons and are battered to smithereens by these athletic titans. If the volleyballs deflate even in the slightest, they are considered defective.

Ranked the highest among Hobak's testers is Chechi, a young girl who mysteriously possesses a monstrous amount of power. The impact from one of her punches is almost deadly. Her strength is unmatched in Holmesville, and possibly all of the known world, making her the perfect person to test the durability of Hobak's volleyballs. For several hours a day, Chechi batters one barrage of volleyballs after another. It's a tough job, but it's the best place for her to take out her aggression, especially since around town she's known to have a bit of a short fuse. 

Post Office | Holmesville by mark cruz

Production illustration of Holmesville post office

Production illustration of Holmesville post office

In every town, small or large, there is always a post office, because people need their mail! So we present to you, the Holmesville Post Office. It's conveniently located in the northeast part of town, near Hobak’s Volleyball Factory. We kept the exterior humble to conceal a well kept vintage interior.

The interior of the post office boasts with walls of mailboxes modeled after early 19th century post office door banks. Those golden beauties are meticulously polished with pride by the small post office staff.  Speaking of the staff, Markus is one of the three delivery men and was originally hired on as a favor to Lolo (Markus’ grandfather). He’s proven himself to be the fastest delivery man in town, but unfortunately gets easily turned around; causing delivery delays and somewhat disgruntled citizens.

Mr. Shim is an old friend of Lolo's, and the post office manager.  He's a kind yet stern boss, and expects all of his employees to be prompt, professional, and above all else for deliver the mail ON TIME. Unfortunately, Markus is sometimes unable to meet this requirement, much to the chagrin of Mr. Shim, but he keeps Markus on staff out of respect to Lolo.